We are a venture capital fund exclusively focused on investing in and supporting Blockchain, Fintech and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies and networks. Our mission is to leverage the power of capital, our network, and technology to solve the most pressing problems of the world.


We invest in both equity and digital assets and bring a powerful, diverse and global network to support our portfolio companies through financing to execution taking a long-term VC company building view. We work closely with other leading applied Artificial Intelligence, Fintech and Blockchain focused funds, family offices, large corporations, and active accredited investors sharing deal flow with them and helping our portfolio companies complete oversubscribed funding rounds and token sales with strong support on exchanges and in structuring strategic partnerships. We bring the best practices of classic venture capital to a new world of the blockchain, token sales and managing digital assets including an unparalleled level of deal flow, due diligence and value add to our portfolio companies post-investment in growth and execution. We also invest in startups with no connection to blockchain or crypto that are developing financial technology or pioneering a new world where software does a better job of many tasks typically done by humans. We also seek to partner with startups that develop Fintech, applied AI, ML and software automation bringing enormous efficiency to the enterprise, government, and society.


Our VC Fund is 100% focused on Blockchain, Fintech, and AI. Once every decade or two a new computing platform comes along. We are investing in technologies that will create this new platform and the infrastructure that shapes Web 3.0 technologies and the foundation of new financial capital markets.


7BC is led by a seasoned team of venture capital veterans that bring a top quartile track record and old-school VC approach to investing. We enter into a long-term partnership with our startups to build lasting, high growth, profitable businesses that leverage transformational technology. We only invest if we believe we can add value beyond our capital leveraging our centralized and decentralized team with global experience and network to build the Blockchain, Fintech and AI titans of tomorrow.


Andrew Romans

CEO & General Partner

7BC.VC, General Partner, Rubicon Venture Capital

Silicon Valley

Simone Planté

Venture Partner

Founder & CEO, Maison Rouge


Hazem Danny Al-Nakib

Venture Partner

Advisory Board Member, Coinfirm, Securrency, Humaniq, F6S


Kurt Schmidt

Venture Partner

President, Triangle Angel Partners (TAP)


Jared Polites

Venture Partner

Head of Marketing, Crypto Media Group

New York

Jason Page

Venture Partner

Co-founder, Intercoin

Silicon Valley

Ina-Alice Kopp

Venture Partner

CEO, Wings

Los Angeles / Vienna

Alex Mashinsky

Venture Partner

CEO, Celsius Network

New York

Travis Steffen

City Managing Director & Venture Partner

CEO, Bax, 3rd employee, Lottery.com

Los Angeles

Shayne Coplan

Venture Partner

Co-founder, TokenUnion

New York

Tal Sharon

City Managing Director & Venture Partner

Managing Director, Equitech Financial Consulting, Fintech Master, FinTech-Aviv


Hira Dangol

Venture Partner

Executive Chair, VLAB Founders' Series

Silicon Valley

Roger Royse

Venture Partner

Founder & Managing Partner, Royse Law Firm

Silicon Valley

Kaoru Nakahama

Relationship Manager Japan

Rubicon Venture Capital, Goldman Sachs


Steven Pulver

City Managing Director

Co-founder, Fireside Conference & MinuteBox


Robert Lugowski

Venture Partner

Managing Partner, CobinAngels, Founder, Business Angels Poland


Joseph Stolte

Venture Partner

COO, Lottery.com, General Partner, Purpose First Ventures

San Francisco

Yann Kronberg

CTO & Venture Partner

CTO, Zazmic

Silicon Valley

Anthony Rhulen

Venture Partner

CEO, FilmEngine


Greg Kelton

Venture Partner

Venture Partner, Rubicon Venture Capital


Tarek Karaman

City Managing Director & Venture Partner

CEO & Co-Founder, RubixBlock


Tony Pearce

Venture Partner

CEO, Reality Clash


Lexington T. Blood

City Managing Director

General Partner, Quantitative Hedge Fund

Park City / Salt Lake City

Claus Skaaning

City Managing Director

CEO & Co-founder, VentureFusion


Nisa Amoils

Venture Partner

VC investor; Boards CityBlock, Institute Blockchain Innovation, Wharton; Forbes

New York

David Johnston

City Managing Director & Venture Partner

Managing Director, Yeoman's Capital, Board Member, Polymath

Austin, TX

Boye Kobæk Hartmann

City Managing Director & Venture Partner

CEO and Founder, BAT Ventures, Multi-Family Office Investor


Laurent Lavigne du Cadet

City Managing Director & Venture Partner

Managing Partner, Orchestra Finance LLP, raised $3bn+

Washington DC

Kenneth A. Goodwin Jr.

Venture Partner

Senior Managing Principal & President, Jeanensis Capital Markets

New York

Emma Blackburn

CFO & Venture Partner

CFO and Venture Partner, Ascension Ventures




Silicon Valley/San Francisco

Date: TBD 04:00 PM - 09:00 PM

Other Events

Unternehmertag 2019

Bavaria, Germany

March 27-30, 2019 09:30 AM - 07:00 PM


Past Events

Blockchain & Investment Road Show


May 16-17, 2019 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Japan Blockchain Conference (JBC)

Tokyo, Japan

Jan 30-31, 2019 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM


We are a venture capital investment firm exclusively focused on investing in and supporting blockchain, fintech and applied artificial intelligence technology companies. Our funds are open to accredited and institutional investors.

If you meet the above requirements and are interested in learning more about investing in our funds, please fill out the form below to be sent additional information.

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